24/7 Online Service Available from O’Connor Insurance

At O’Connor insurance we are always working on ways to enhance the service we provide to our clients. We are super excited to share we are now offering you new online service options that will allow you to access your insurance 24/7.
Personal Insurance Clients, you can do all this and more. . .

• View your policies and expiration dates
• Get a Vehicle ID card anytime
• Request to change a mortgagee
• Update your personal information
• Lots more…

Commercial Insurance Clients, you can do all this and more. . . .

• View your policies and expiration dates
• Get a Vehicle ID card anytime
• Request a Certificate of Insurance (and in some cases issue it immediately)
• View driver lists and request to add and remove drivers
• Request vehicles be added or removed
• And so much more. . . .

This is just the beginning of some new and exciting upgrades we are making to our software to allow us to service you better and more efficiently! The best part is you can view the client portal on all your mobile devices!

Ready to get started? You can set up your online client access account on our client portal by clicking here to go to our website.

Click on “Register Account” at the bottom of the blue box that is labeled Customer Login.

Client Portal Login

You will need your name, phone number, email, policy number and expiration date (both at the top of this email) to set up the account.

Client Portal Sign Me Up

If you have any issues at all just click at the bottom where it says “I don’t have this information – request access.” That will send us an email and we can set the account up for you. Just remember the emails only reach us during normal business hours and this set up requires human intervention😊

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