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Everything we do we treat you the way you want to be treated. We have very high standards; concierge client service standards. We think (about insurance) differently. We ask you more questions, design a customize insurance solution for you, educate you and assist you in making the best buying decision for your family.


The Unspoken Necessity

No one really likes to discuss the process and options in regards to life insurance; however, its an essential need for those looking to secure their loved ones livelihood in the event of a loss of life. Life insurance is also a financially savvy way to save for future needs like college funding, retirement or simply anemergency fund.

Life insurance serves an important role in the financial protection of men and women … single or dual income households … and even for children. In addition to replacing the lost income of a wage earner, life insurance can also provide for child care and household maintenance.

For young people the need for life insurance is not measured by financial obligations but by what the future might hold. Buying life insurance when children are young will offer lower premiums and guarantee insurability.

The Value of Life Insurance?

At ISU OConnor Insurance Associates we know that approaching this subject can be difficult and confusing. However, our job and passion at our office is to make this process simple and easy for you, so that you can be prepared to focus on your loved ones. Instead of seeing this as a negative part of insurance, we see it and hope to help you see it, as a positive step in gaining control for your future and the futures of your family members.

Life insurance can fulfill promises made to your family if you are no longer around by providing a death benefit to your beneficiaries in return for premiums paid to the insurance company. Its a simple step that can save your family from financial complications later. It can also provide benefits and support while you are still living; therefore, its worthwhile to speak to a qualified agent to hear your options.

What are the advantages of having life insurance?

Life insurance provides income tax-free money to your named beneficiary(s) that can be allocated towards funeral expenses, debt, tuition, estate taxes or other financial need you leave behind after death.


Life insurance can provide business security by enabling partners to buy out the interests of a deceased partner and prevent a forced liquidation.

The cash value growth of a permanent life insurance policy is tax-deferred; this means you DO NOT pay taxes on the growth of the cash value unless the money is withdrawn.

Loans or withdrawals can be taken against the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy to help with expenses such as college tuition or the down payment on a new home.


Keep in mind, accumulated growth may be taxable upon withdrawal. If the policy is a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC), tax penalties may apply prior to age 59 . Consult a tax advisor on your specific situation and to see where you qualify. Additionally, policy loans and withdrawals reduce cash value and the death benefit and may be subject to other charges outlined in the contract. Having a thorough conversation with an agent can clarify any questions towards this regard.

How to assess your need?

The amount of life insurance you select should be dependent on your personal and financial needs and those of your family. At ISU OConnor Insurance Associates, we will assist you in determining an appropriate coverage amount and help you decide on which type of life insurance is ultimately right for you.

Most individuals who are considering life insurance have:

– Dependent children
– Financial obligations like a home, student loans, car loans etc.
– Insufficient retirement savings to ensure your surviving spouse’s and families financial well being in the event of your absence
– A business

Download a Free Life Insurance Calculator Worksheet Here

Life Changes Keep Your Policy Up to Date

As events happen in your life, your life insurance coverage may need to change to adapt to your current needs. Some life changes that may require you to reevaluate your coverage include: marriage, divorce, a new baby, purchase of a new home and retirement. At ISU OConnor Insurance Associates, our job is not done until your policy is thoroughly completed and adapted to every life change that you encounter. We are available for contact at all times to ensure that when you have questions, we are there for you.

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