Entry Level, Career Opportunity, No Experience Needed, Insurance Agency (Charlotte, NC 28262)

Entry Level, Career Opportunity, No Experience Needed, Insurance Agency (Charlotte, NC 28262)

compensation: This entry level position pays $11.00 to $13.00 per hr depending on prior experience.

Do you want: 

•  A steady, reliable work schedule?
•  An opportunity to advance to above average income levels?
•  A pleasant workplace with friendly co-workers?
•  Fast-paced, varied work with no time to get bored?

If yes, we hire only the best.  Are you …

• A bright, fast learner?
• Proficient on computers in the Windows environment?
• Positive, upbeat and courteous?
• Reliable, trust-worthy and dependable?
• Willing to be involved and help out wherever help is needed?
• Able to thrive and stay focused in a very fast paced environment with regular interruptions?
• Looking for an opportunity to grow both educationally and in a new career in insurance?

If so, our Receptionist & Personal Insurance Agency Assistant position may be exactly what you are looking for. The position provides support for our licensed insurance agents, so the agents can stay focused on client relationships.

The Receptionist & Agency Assistant work involves …

• Receptionist duties (primary) – answering the phone and greeting visitors
• Speaking with clients and assisting them with items like billing questions, claims, and changes to clients auto and home policies
• Taking required insurance classes and licensing exam to obtain a North Carolina Property & Casualty Insurance license
• Following agency processes and procedures
• Taking accurate notes in agency management system client files
• All manner of clerical & administrative tasks
• Client contact
• Support for our marketing activities
• And much more

The Receptionist-Agency Assistant position also serves as the training ground to learn the insurance business and advance to higher levels of income and responsibility.  O’Connor Insurance will pay for you to obtain your North Carolina Property & Casualty license, provide invaluable on the job training with the opportunity for you to advance your career within our organization.

If this interests you, no direct experience is needed. However, here is what YOU need to qualify for the position: 

•  We are a professional office, so you MUST appear and behave professionally at all times – especially with our clients.  Our dress code is business-relaxed, but we are always professional.

•  The lifeblood of our business is people, so you MUST be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing.  That means proper grammar (again verbally and in writing), a pleasant disposition, etc.

•  Our office is highly automated, so you MUST be able to learn and retain new computer activities EXTREMELY fast and well.

•  Your primary duties are answering the phone and greeting visitors, so you MUST be pleasant at all times with our callers and visitors.

•  Our environment is busy and can be quite hectic at times, so you MUST be able to perform your tasks properly while being regularly interrupted to answer the phone and greet visitors.  If you are easily flustered by chaos and “multi-tasking”, please do not apply.

•  Your duties include highly detailed tasks that require great accuracy, so you MUST thrive on working with details and getting them right.

•  You MUST get to work on time. You know yourself. If you can’t get to work on time, please do not apply.

•  You MUST get to work reliably. We are located in Charlotte, NC  28262.

•  You MUST be able to work during our office hours of Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 5:00 pm. (includes a 30 minute lunch break).  These hours are not flexible. Our clients expect us to be available when we say we are.

•  Receptionist, administrative and/or insurance agency experience is a plus.

To apply send your resume to – agent@oianc.com. 

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