Rain or Shine O’Connor Insurance is Prepared

September 10, 2018

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North Carolina is once again in the path of a Hurricane.  O’Connor Insurance has taken numerous steps to be as prepared as possible to serve you in the event of an emergency.  We wanted you to know our emergency plan if we should ever have an emergency that renders our office without power or Internet.

All of our employees have the ability to work remotely.  If emergency personnel ask for people to stay off the roads our employees will be working from home.

Chatbot:  Introducing the newest member of our team “Jill.”  Jill is a chatbot.  That means she is not linked to a human but is programmed to answer a TON of questions for you.  Here are some things you can ask Jill – she is very fast and will get you taken care of quickly.  Click Jill then click on Service Requests.

Make a Claim – to get emergency claims phone numbers for the insurance companies

Make a Payment – to get the website to make an insurance payment

Get a Quote – request an insurance quote

Client Portal:  The client portal will give you access to your policies with O’Connor Insurance.  You can see your coverage, deductibles, policy numbers and lots more information.  Please sign up for access to the client portal today!  You can set up an account yourself by following the instructions here or your can email michelle@oianc.com to request your account be set up.

Mobile App:  After you sign up for the client portal you will have access to our mobile app.  You have to have a login for the client portal in order to log into the mobile app.


Phones:  Our phones are on a VoIP system so even if we don’t have Internet or power you will get our voice mail and be able to leave a message. All messages are routed to our emails. Please don’t be afraid to leave a voice mail we return all calls during the same business day.

Email:  In the last year we changed our email service so that all of our employees have access to their email accounts from anywhere. Since everyone in our office lives in a different part of town we are playing the odds that one of our houses will have power even if the office does not thus email messages will be received and you will get a reply from someone on our team.

Facebook and Twitter:  In the event of any kind of strange happening at our office our social media accounts would be used to alert you of any issues so please take a second and follow us so you don’t miss anything.






Website:  www.oianc.com Take a second to bookmark it so you can find it quickly. It stands for O’Connor Insurance Associates North Carolina so your brain will remember. Look on the home page in the top right corner there is a green box. That box has the ability to be edited and any urgent information would appear there as an alert. At the bottom is our blog check there for information as we would post all the details in that manner.

Webpage:  www.oianc.com/alerts  This page was created on our website to give you full access to emergency information.  Easy to remember and easy to navigate to.  We will change it to keep our clients informed of claim reporting information.

As your insurance provider it is important that we have a plan so we can service you no matter what the weather.

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