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Madeline Snyder

Madeline Snyder

Administrative Assistant
704-510-8884 Ext. 6
Fun and Insightful Q&A’s – Get to Know a Little More About Me

What do you like MOST about what you do at O’Connor Insurance?

Love the teamwork and family feel that O’Connor Insurance has.

Where did you grow up?

Born in California but moved to Charlotte NC when I was seven.


My wonderful parents and four awesome siblings. I am also blessed with my husband’s family that is full of cousins, brothers and sisters that live in the area!

What makes you interesting?

My husband and I were both born in California on September 5th, he is only 6 hours older than I am!

Your hobbies

I love being active, going to the gym is an everyday occurrence for me. I enjoy running and my pup sometimes joins me on runs.


Chocolate lab, who is the greatest dog I’ve ever had! He is also a big old baby and acts tough but is a total scaredy cat.


My husband is a Marine and was stationed in 29 Palms California for four years. During that time I drove cross country a total of six times. I love driving and enjoyed all the different landmarks along the way.

Things you love

I love the holidays, not just the big holidays but the smaller ones too. And the main reason is because I get to decorate our house with cute holiday decorations. Hearts all over the place for Valentines Day, Green four leafed clovers for St. Pattys Day and every holiday after that!

The car you drive

I drive a 2016 Challenger SXT Plus, its been a lot of fun to drive!

Your hero

My mom and dad. My mom always teaches me to see the best in people and my dad has always taught me how to take care of myself and the things I own.

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