Commercial Renewal Review

Commercial Renewal Review

Thank you for your continued business. We are currently upgrading our website, so in this transition we wanted to be sure we had certain capabilities for you still available. Please fill out the form request a certificate.  

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Renewal Review:


General Information:

Has the name of your business changed?

Have you restructured your company's ownership (gone from sole prop to LLC or corp) or added any DBA's?

Has your business changed owners, partners or officers?

Has the nature of your business operations changed? For example have you added products or services or changed the types of things you offer clients?

Have you added new locations, expanded into new states or outside the United States?

Have you closed or moved any locations?

Has the mailing address of your business changed?

Has the physical location of your business changed?


Business Property:

Do you own the building your business is located in?

If yes, is the building a condo?

If yes, have you installed a security alarm, fire suppression system or surveillance equipment?

If yes, has it been longer than 12 months since you reviewed what it would cost to replace your building?

Have you entered into any new purchase or lease agreements for your business property?

Has it been longer than 12 months since you reviewed the limits of your contents such as furniture & fixtures, computer hardware/software, stock either finished/unfinished, machinery, tools, and tenants improvements & betterments?


Business Liability:

Has there been any increase/decrease in your company's payroll or sales?

Have you entered into any new customer contracts?


Workers' Compensation :

Has there been any increase/decrease in your company's payroll? This information is necessary if you have workers comp because the price you pay is based, in part, on annual gross payroll.

In the past 12 months, has your employee headcount increased or decreased?

Do you have employees who work from home on a regular basis?

Do you use subcontractors, volunteers or interns?

Do you or your employees travel to other states or foreign countries?


Business Automobile:

Have you added or eliminated vehicles used in your business operation?

Has it been 12 months since you reviewed the vehicles and trailers listed on your policy?

Are all drivers who drive vehicles listed on your policy listed on your drivers list you have provided to the insurance company?

Has the usage of vehicles covered by your policy changed (distance they are traveling or what they're used for)?

Do you use your personal vehicle for business, allow employees to use your personal vehicle for business or allow employees to use their own personal vehicles for business?

Has it been longer than 12 months since you reviewed the limits of liability provided by your policy?

Has it been longer than 12 months since you reviewed your deductible(s) required by your policy?

But that's not all. . . Below are additional coverge options that can help protect your business. Consider each statement and check the ones you're interested in hearing more about


I want to know more about insurance that will help. . . .
Replace my lost business income if:


The third party I rely on for a large portion of my business income (supplier or manufacturer) is unable to provide inventory or products due to a covered loss at their location. (Dependent Properties coverage)

I use the Internet to generate a portion of my income, and my website is vandalized - prohibiting me from generating that income. (Electronic Vandalism coverage)

After resuming operations following a covered loss, I do not regain the income level that existed prior to the loss. (Extended Business Income coverage)

Protect me if:

The sensitive personal information (Social Security number, debit/credit card information, medical records/charts) I collect and/or store on my employees, customers and/or patients is lost or stolen. (Data Breach coverage)

I am sued because one of my employees was in an accident while running an errand for my business such as picking up office supplies, or picking up/dropping off mail at the post office while in their own vehicle. (Hired & Non-Owned Auto coverage)

I am sued and my business owner's policy doesn't fully cover the amount I am liable to pay. (Umbrella coverage)

Please Review Your Declaration Page

If there are any discrepancies or corrections that need to be made please contact us as soon as possible.

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