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Garage and Body Shop insurance.



Garages and Body Shops will never be underutilized. As long as individuals are driving, they’ll be visiting body shops to keep their vehicles running smooth, or having those dents and bangs ironed out.

It’s a busy business and no one understands that more than we do at ISU O’Connor Insurance; in fact, we have an immense knowledge of the particular insurance body shops often need. As your garage and body shop business grows, your insurance needs to mature into the right policy for you so you’re ready at any time. It’s important to know what you are getting and even more important what coverage you need to protect your assets as the operation grows.

That’s where insurance becomes challenging without the right guidance from an experienced agent. At ISU O’Connor Insurance Associates we are small business owners just like you. Our agency is family owned and no one understands the hard work you have put into your business better than we do.

So what insurance do I need?

Well, let’s think about what might happen in a body shop that requires insurance coverage—the answer is, a lot. Apart from the fact that there is an immense amount of labor and equipment being hoisted, held, and sometimes dropped, there’s also customers on the property, which means an injury can make you liable. One mishandled incident can deter others from utilizing your services. So, on a basic level you need liability insurance, property coverage and business interruption. The liability will provide you with insurance if someone has an accident while they are at your shop. The property section covers your building, if you own it, and your business property including all your equipment, supplies and inventory you have on hand. The business interruption is to cover your lost income while you are trying to get your shop back up and running after a covered insurance loss. But what about the customers’ cars you have on your property, or your mechanics’ expensive tools they leave at the shop? You need a policy you can customize for the potential financial disasters you can’t afford to have hit your bottom line. This is where a qualified, experienced agent can help.

Why is it so important?

Insurance is a necessity for any garage or body shop enterprise, but it’s especially important to take a new look at your policy if you are in a growth mode as a business. If you are, then your needs have changed since you first put your policy in place. Imagine for just a moment that the unthinkable happens—say that your shop burns to the ground overnight. Do you feel confident that your insurance policy would protect those new pieces of equipment that you just bought? Would your policy cover the customers’ cars you had parked within your shop?

It’s a scary thought, but it can happen—it pays to be prepared. Being prepared starts with speaking with a qualified and knowledgeable agent. At ISU O’Connor Insurance Associates an experienced agent will walk you through a series of questions to learn more about you and what your business needs in a policy. During the conversation the agent will help educate you, clarify the jargon, simplify the process and lay out the options so you can make an informed buying decision. Your needs are unique and your insurance policy should reflect exactly what you need.

Ready to get started? Just give us a few pieces of info and we will give you a call to start the conversation.

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