Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant insurance.



Your company is unique and your insurance policy should conform and grow with it.

Running a restaurant is hard work. Trying to find the right insurance coverage can be equally as demanding. Your restaurant’s booming success and growth deserves a policy and an agent that can help you find policy choices that fit your changing needs. It’s important to know what you are getting and even more important what coverage you need to protect your assets as your restaurant grows.

That’s where insurance becomes challenging without the right guidance from an experienced agent. At ISU O’Connor Insurance Associates we are small business owners just like you; we may not be a restaurant, but we do know the feeling of serving our customers well while protecting our priorities and values within our business–same as you. Our agency is family owned so we know the amount of sweat and care that goes into owning a business and how personal an insurance decision can feel in this circumstance.

So, what insurance do I need?

There is perhaps no more potentially dangerous environment than a restaurant kitchen. With the fast-paced lingo, the shiny, pointy objects and the highly flammable liquids at every turn, it’s worth it to have the right policy through the right agent. On a basic level, restaurants need liability insurance, property coverage and business interruption. The liability will provide you with insurance if someone has an accident while they are at your restaurant (ex: slip and fall). The property section covers your building if you own it and your business property including all your kitchen equipment, supplies and any inventory you have on hand. The business interruption is to cover your lost income while you are trying to get your restaurant back up and running after a covered insurance loss. But what about coverage if a food borne illness causes you to have to close your restaurant? You need a policy you can customize for the potential financial disasters so you don’t fear hitting your bottom line.

Why is it so important?

Restaurants go through several stages. As your business changes, so should your policy. If you are in a growth mode your needs have changed tremendously since you first put your policy in place. Restaurants can often become a breeding ground for those unfortunate disasters, such as breaking and entering. If you were to open the doors in the morning and find a mess, stolen cash, missing credit card receipts and damaged property would you feel you were adequately prepared through your policy and personal agent? Do you feel confident your insurance policy would reimburse you so you don’t have to pay for any of this unforeseen circumstance out of your profit? Has your personal agent built a relationship with you, know your needs well and recommended additional coverage to you that is designed for your restaurant? If not, we want you to contact our office, because we want to give you the answers and confidence you need in an insurance agency.

At ISU O’Connor Insurance Associates an experienced agent will walk you through a series of questions to learn more about you and what your business needs. During the conversation the agent will help educate you, clarify the jargon, simplify the process and lay out the options so you can make an informed buying decision. Your needs are unique and your insurance policy should reflect them.

The lunch rush waits for no one! So, are you ready to get started? Just give us a few pieces of info and we will give you a call to start the conversation.

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