Nothing compares to seeing a winning play unfold on the field.

See the Charlotte Knights slide into safety for a big win this season! Can we take you out to the ballgame?

Did You Pick:
7 minutes, 18 minutes or 32 minutes?

The answer is 18 minutes. Yes, that means about 90% of any given baseball game is spent, well, standing around. However, that gives you plenty of time to reapply your sunscreen, sing along with every walk-on song, and whistle for the concessions man to bring you another box of Cracker Jacks while you sit on the edge of your seat, waiting to witness those fleeting moments of action.

Regardless of your answer, everyone deserves a day at the diamond. Win 4 tickets to a Knights Game (multiple dates available)!

Enter To WIN 4 Tickets to a Knights Game!

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