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3 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Life Insurance

Learn about life insurance
  1. Life insurance is not nearly as expensive as most people think it is. Some of the factors that impact life insurance prices are your age, health history (this does include your height and weight), the medications you take, your family health history and tobacco usage.  You are as young and as healthy today as you will ever be.  Don’t wait until you lose 10 pounds or until you quit smoking.  If you die while you are working on those things your family would suffer.


  1. The life insurance application is faster now than it has ever been and it can all be done virtually. The application process has been simplified to making doing it from home very easy.  Depending on the insurance amount and policy type you may have to complete a paramed.  A paramed involves meeting with a nurse who takes you vitals, draws blood and asks you medical questions about your health.  There are policy options that remove the medical exam if you are not comfortable having this in-person appointment.  The thing that takes the most time is when you start the process and then delay making a decision or moving forward.  Then when you start it again you have to look at all the options again.  If you and your significant other can both be involved in the meetings at the same time it will go much faster as you can both hear the information together and ask questions.


  1. You need to have an idea how much life insurance you need. Our team at O’Connor Insurance has tools to assist you with calculating how much life insurance you need.  You need to know some key details about your finances like the amount you owe on your home, your total debt, and if your family needs monthly income to cover living expenses.  Our professionals will guide you through a calculator to help you make a good decision for your amily.

It is important to note our agency has received a lot of questions asking if dying of COVID is covered by life insurance.  If you have a life insurance policy in force at the time of your death the answer is yes.  The key is to have a policy in place.  If you want your family’s future protected you have to give us a call today and get the process started – 704-510-8884.  Visit our website for more life insurance resources


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