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When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Life Insurance?

By September 6, 2018September 28th, 2020No Comments

The news and social media remind us daily that tragedy is all around us. A mother who lost her battle with cancer leaving her husband and 3 children, a father who is killed while aiding a car accident. There isn’t ever a shortage of these terrible stories.

O’Connor Insurance has several of our own clients’ tragedies. We have paid life policies to mourning families who are so very grateful there is money to bury their loved one. Each of them were in different phases of life and life insurance meant something different to each of them.

You might be thinking you really should take the time to pull out what you have and take a look at it. We find very often that is where the conversation about life insurance begins and ends. Maybe you have some life insurance at work, so it isn’t pressing knowing your family would have something. Maybe you have a policy you purchased when you first started working.

The challenge is your life changes. You are married now with a nice mortgage and 3 beautiful kids of your own. Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own business or going out on your own as a consultant. Do you know if you can take your life insurance with you if you leave your employer? There are so many variables and even more twists and turns. Your life insurance should be reviewed as part of your annual budget in your house every year.

Just this past week one of our insurance company representatives unexpectedly had heart by-pass surgery at 54!! Thankfully he is going to recover. He will not be able to purchase life insurance for a very long time – maybe never. You just don’t know what twist and turn life is going to take tomorrow.

If it has been some time since you have reviewed your family’s life insurance now is the time. Don’t wait. Reach out to O’Connor Insurance today and let us help you. One of the unique things about the discussion we have with our clients is we will tell you if we don’t think you need any more. Yup, you read that right. Our goal is to make sure your family is protected….if they are then we are going to make sure you know that. There is no reason to put the discussion off. All of our appointments start with a 15-minute phone call, so we can gather information. That is all the time you have to commit to get the process started.

Call today at 704-510-8884.

Ready to make an appointment? Click here to go to the calendar and schedule a phone appointment.

Life Insurance is one of those things you purchase and hope you never have to discuss it again. The sad part is life just doesn’t work that way.

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