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Distracted Driving the Myth

By April 17, 2018September 28th, 2020No Comments

April is Distracted Driving month.  Everyday at O’Connor Insurance Associates we help clients who have been involved in car accidents.  Even when everyone is okay and there are no injuries in the accident the event is painful.  It involves getting estimates, car repairs, rental cars, and many calls to and from adjusters.  The insurance companies we deal with are experts at getting our clients back on the road but accidents are still a hassle.  If I could wave a magic wand no one would ever have to be involved in an accident again.

Since I don’t have a magic wand the next best thing is to educate people to the many many distractions that can be avoided while we are driving.  You already know you should not look at your cell phone, read or send text messages, or reach for the candy bar you dropped while you are driving yet everyday we see folks on the road doing things other than driving.  Not only do those distractions cause you to take your eyes off the road, but you lose your ability to be a defensive driver and potentially avoid an accident.

Please take time to evaluate your driving habits to make sure you are 110% focused on the task at hand…driving…every minute you are in the car.   If you have a teenager driver share the distracted driving information in this blog.  There is a special distracted driving campaign running all month long on our social media so please connect with us and spread the word.

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