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Do You & Your Employees Know the Rules of the Road?

By February 3, 2016September 13th, 2019No Comments

Having moved to North Carolina from Pennsylvania I was shocked when I found out I had to retake the driver’s test. Most clients can’t believe it when we tell them that is necessary to obtain your North Carolina Driver’s License.  The truth is if I hadn’t had to do that I never would have learned the rules of driving in NC.  Now I have lived in North Carolina for 20 years so I was excited to get a pop quiz from the folks over at Charlotte Five.  It only takes a minute and I am confident you will learn something you forgot since you took your test:

Click Here to Take the Driving Test

As an employer I am very cautious when I hire employees. Being an insurance agent it comes form-comauto-001naturally to me to fully inspect risks.  I take the same approach before we hire.  That includes running a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).  We have a service we have used for years that will do a complete check including MVR, criminal history, and many other things like checking references.  You can pay them for as much or little as you need done.  Whatever you do if your employees drive vehicles your company owns or even if they drive their own car to do errands for you an MVR is a quick step that can save you thousands on your insurance.  If the employee does not have at least an average driving record for the past 5 years you should pass on hiring or hire that person for a position that does not include driving in any capacity for your company.

Using a driving test similar to the one Charlotte Five developed before you hire would be a great idea especially if your employees drive big trucks like dump trucks, box vans, or trucks with large trailers attached. The last thing you want is a large insurance claim on your record from a new employee who wasn’t fully trained on operating the vehicles you need driven.  Worse yet, that employee could really injure someone else.  Consider a written and driving test that you develop.  A little prevention can go a long way in keeping your insurance rates down and keeping you in business doing what you do best not navigating body shops and leasing vehicles because of damage to one of yours.

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